The MES solution’s main task is to manage and monitor the factory in real time, by providing all information regarding production progress, the efficiency of each department, work center, operator, the controls executed on the production line, traceability of lots, process data, maintenance activities, finite capacity scheduling, etc.

The MES integrates any ERP system that could be present in a company. The integration with ERP is an important aspect because it allows a bidirectional communication between the two systems. The same way, MES can be integrated with SCADA, PLC, and automation systems for the automatic acquisition of data and the complete monitoring of processes.

The MES modules are integrated with Opcenter APS planning and scheduling system. The main objectives to be achieved by this approach are:

  • Quick and effective outsourcing of operations of the current production plan at work centers. Synchronization of real-time changes in the plan;
  • Easy and intuitive reporting of current execution in real time by recording the time and quantity produced;
  • Synchronization of the production plan in Opcenter APS with the current execution. Enabling re-scheduling in case of unexpected events – breakdown, execution of transactions with different from the intended speed, etc.
  • Visual representation of the actual implementation of operations in Opcenter APS;
  • Reporting up-to-date calendars of resources, including operation, available number of operators, idle time and breakdowns, and the causes of their arising;
  • Effective tools for performance analysis of production plans and their implementation;